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1 Feb, 2020 04:15

Indian court AGAIN postpones hanging for 4 men convicted in 2012 gang rape & murder case that inspired Netflix series

Indian court AGAIN postpones hanging for 4 men convicted in 2012 gang rape & murder case that inspired Netflix series

The execution of four Indians convicted in the heinous 2012 ‘Nirbhaya’ gang-rape case has been delayed yet again at the last minute – this time indefinitely – after a court agreed to entertain another mercy plea.

Though the date of the men's hanging had been set for February 1 after a previous appeal, the day was pushed back once again following a fresh plea, filed on Friday by convict Vinay Sharma – just one day after the hangman arrived at the Tihar prison in Delhi in preparation for the execution.

While Sharma’s appeal was rejected early on Saturday by Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, the request buys the convicted men another two weeks regardless, after which the process could be repeated with further appeals, potentially extending an already lengthy legal standoff, now seven years removed from the crime. A previous execution date was set for January 22.

Under Indian law, criminals found guilty of the same capital offense must be executed on the same date, adding another layer of complication to the case.

Despite the delays, India’s Supreme Court on Friday agreed to consider measures that would stop convicts from “playing with the law,” with the government suggesting new rules that would set a time limit on how long convicted criminals have to pursue appeals, barring them from deferring punishment indefinitely.

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The four men were found guilty of the murder of a young woman, Jyoti Singh – later nicknamed Nirbhaya (“fearless” in Hindi) – who died of severe internal injures after a brutal attack and gang rape on a New Delhi bus in 2012. Since their conviction, the men have pushed their execution date forward a number of times through a series of appeals.

Six were originally implicated in the crime, however one suspect was found dead in his jail cell under mysterious circumstances, while the youngest of the group, who was under 18 at the time of the assault, was released after three years in juvenile detention.

Speaking to reporters after a long day waiting in the court for a final verdict, Nirbhaya's mother said that a convict's lawyer had “challenged” her in court, adding through tears: “He said there would be no hanging.”

I have been sitting here since 10 am. If the court wanted to spare these criminals again, then why take so long? Why make us sit and hope for so long? We waited all this time, with hope... why not send us home?

The Nirbhaya case sparked outrage and protests across India, with demonstrators filling the streets to demand justice for the young medical student, prompting reform to sexual assault laws in the country. The horrific crime has also since inspired a Netflix miniseries, ‘Delhi Crime.’

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