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7 Jan, 2020 11:29

Gourmet Gaganyaan: India releases menu for 1st manned mission to space (PHOTOS)

Gourmet Gaganyaan: India releases menu for 1st manned mission to space (PHOTOS)

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has unveiled the delectable delights that the crew of its first manned mission to space can look forward to, and citizens are impressed.

The Defence Food Research Laboratory produced a menu of about 30 dishes which range from moong dal halwa, an Indian dessert made with split mung beans, to idli, a type of savoury rice cake, along with a selection of vegetable rolls and egg rolls.

While the dishes are all classified as Ready To Eat (RTE), the crew will enjoy the relative luxury of having a food heater on board so they can enjoy hot meals while taking in the views of planet Earth. 

“Apart from the food, we are also tasked with providing food-warmer technology, stainless steel cutlery and a waste disposal pack,” Defence Food Research Laboratory director Anil Semwal said. 

Despite being impressed with the fare on offer, many took the opportunity to joke about the absence of the traditional Muslim biryani dish from the menu.

Some were even forward-thinking enough to suggest bringing a few spare Indian delicacies just in case the crew encounters extraterrestrials during their five to seven-day mission in low Earth orbit.

India's three person mission to space, Mission Gaganyaan, is scheduled to lift off sometime in 2021. If successful, India will become one of just four nations to launch a manned mission to space, alongside Russia, the US, and China. 

Last week, ISRO chief K Sivan announced that the four candidates for the mission have been selected and will begin their training in Russia later this month.

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The manned mission will be preceded by two unmanned missions to orbit, the first in December followed by a second in 2021. The ISRO previously stated it wants a female astronaut on the mission but the identities of the crew have yet to be revealed publicly. 

The mission is estimated to cost roughly US$1.3 billion (10,000 Crore) and has been set a launch target of no later than December 2021 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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