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26 Nov, 2019 11:01

Amazon’s chatbot hilariously weighs in on debate over Indian state’s political crisis

Amazon’s chatbot hilariously weighs in on debate over Indian state’s political crisis

The Indian state of Maharashtra has been embroiled in a political crisis for weeks and citizens are venting frustration online which, for some bizarre but hilarious reason, didn’t escape the ever-watchful eye of Amazon’s chatbot.

Just as Maharashtra's leadership crisis appeared to be resolved, with a snap coalition being formed on Saturday, alas it was too good to be true; opposition parties called for a floor test to determine whether the BJP and the NCP political parties had enough of a majority to appoint a chief and deputy chief minister. So where does e-tail giant Amazon come into the equation you may ask?

Maharashtra BJP's representative Mukul Rohtagi asked why it would take seven days for a floor test to be carried out, to which one bemused Twitter user wryly remarked, “Orders placed on Amazon but delivery not happening.”

Enter Amazon’s AI-powered machine learning algorithm, always on the lookout for a dissatisfied customer online (reputation management is key in the 21st century after all).

“Apologies for any unpleasant experience you had with regard to the delivery of your orders. Could you please elaborate on your concern? We would be glad to assist you. ^JS" the Amazon Help Twitter account interjected in the conversation. 

The company deleted the tweet, but weren't quick enough to beat the ever-vigilant Twitterati, who were bemused by the bot’s interjection.

“I want to get democracy from Amazon. Is delivery possible in 7 days or not? Please tell me Amazon? @AmazonHelp” another user quipped. 

Many seized the opportunity to highlight several alleged governmental scandals currently doing the rounds in the media amid the month-long Maharashtra political crisis.

On Tuesday, Ajit Pawar announced his resignation as Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra just 72 hours after he was sworn in, while Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis awaits his fate in Wednesday’s floor test, which will determine whether his second term will continue unabated.

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