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26 Nov, 2019 07:28

Oh how the mighty have fallen? India’s ‘dancing cop’ filmed slapping and kicking auto-rickshaw (VIDEO)

Oh how the mighty have fallen? India’s ‘dancing cop’ filmed slapping and kicking auto-rickshaw (VIDEO)

A traffic officer in Indore, India, who drew public admiration a few years ago with his dancing moves, is now at the focus of different kind of public attention. Ranjit Singh was filmed abusing a rickshaw driver, and fans are sad.

Ranjit, also known as the dancing cop, has become somewhat of a local celebrity in the largest city of the state of Madhya Pradesh due to his unorthodox way of regulating traffic. The enthusiastic, if inaccurate, rendition of Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk (and arguably his spectacular mustache) melted a few hearts internationally.

But apparently there is a darker side to every person, and now the dancing cop is getting some bad press. On Monday a video popped up online purportedly showing him in a physical altercation with an auto-rickshaw driver.

The driver reportedly broke the code by driving in the wrong direction, and Ranjit stopped the man. The officer’s rebuke shown in the video, however, goes over the line, as he is seen slapping and shaking the unresisting driver and kicking his vehicle.

A lot of commenters on Facebook criticized Ranjit’s behavior, saying it was unacceptable and reflected poorly on the image of the city. Some, however, called for cutting some slack for the guy, who does such a difficult and important job, while finding time to raise people’s spirits.

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