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15 Oct, 2019 12:33

Just like home: UAE sends Russian road patrol after Putin to make him feel welcome (VIDEOS)

Just like home: UAE sends Russian road patrol after Putin to make him feel welcome (VIDEOS)

A casual aerobatics flyover, another butchered cover of the Russian anthem and faux Russian road police – the United Arab Emirates have gone royally over-the-top to make Russian President Vladimir Putin feel comfortable.

After his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade, Putin proceeded to the UAE. Not to be outdone by their larger neighbor, the Emiratis prepared a few welcoming gestures – some of which ended up just a bit off-kilter.

After being personally greeted in Abu Dhabi by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Putin went to the Qasr Al Watan royal palace by motorcade – escorted by several cars that might seem painfully familiar to every ordinary Russian driver. The white Mercedes’ Emirati licence plates contrasted with the large blue letters ДПС on their hoods – copying the color scheme of the Russian road police patrols.

The ‘patrol’ was then replaced by horsemen carrying Russian and Emirati flags, an impressive sight, though perhaps not as impressive as the Mongolian president’s Genghis Khan cavalry. But the spectacle was complemented by a seemingly casual aerobatics squad flyover – trailing smoke in the colors of the Russian flag.

Finally, upon his arrival at the palace, Putin was treated to a local rendition of the Russian anthem – which could only be called pleasant when compared to the Saudis’ bungled performance the day before, but that’s not setting the bar very high. Although, judging by his expression, the Russian president wasn’t expecting much anyway.

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