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Halle’s ‘Nazi killer’: How blind hatred fueled a deadly shooting spree in Germany

Halle’s ‘Nazi killer’: How blind hatred fueled a deadly shooting spree in Germany
He wanted to slaughter over 70 worshipers gathered at a local synagogue, but the suspect in a shooting that killed two in Halle, Germany, dubbed the ‘Nazi killer’, found other victims after his initial plans were foiled.

Live-streamed by the assailant for the whole world to see, the horrific murders have shaken Germany and fueled fears that the country is experiencing a resurgence of far-right extremism.

A carefully-planned rampage

The 27-year-old, identified only as ‘Stephan B.’ by German authorities, made careful preparations before carrying out his heinous crime. His target was the synagogue in Halle’s district of Paulusviertel, which is home to around 700 Jews. Armed with a customized shotgun and wearing a military uniform, the gunman set out on Wednesday to begin his slaughter, which he livestreamed from a GoPro mounted on his helmet.


As he drove to his target, he began his live broadcast by accusing Jews of being “the root of all problems” and denying the existence of the Holocaust. German authorities would later say that the suspect was motivated by “far-right ideology.”

With the synagogue in his sights, the gunman launched his attack, throwing an improvised explosive device (IED) over the fence of a nearby Jewish cemetery. The IED failed to detonate – but the assailant was undeterred. Now turning his full attention to the synagogue, he attempted to shoot his way into the building. Worshipers who had gathered for Yom Kippur had locked the temple’s doors. The terrified congregation watched their would-be killer on a security camera as he attempted to break in.


Miraculously, the doors endured, but the suspect was still out for blood. He opened fire on a woman standing near the entrance of the adjacent Jewish cemetery – claiming his first victim.

Returning to his car, the assailant drove a short way up the road to a nearby kebab shop. Entering the cafe with his weapon drawn, he shot a man at point blank range. He left the shop after his weapon failed to fire again, but returned soon after to finish off the wounded man, who reportedly begged the killer to spare his life.

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Escape attempt

Police were at the scene soon after, forcing the suspect to flee in his car. After less than 30 minutes, he arrived at the neighboring town of Landsberg, where he tried to hijack a car from an auto repair shop. He then turned his gun on a man who tried to confront him, wounding the brave bystander.

The shooter eventually managed to commandeer a parked taxi and get on the highway, but his reckless driving resulted in a collision with a truck. Police quickly arrived at the scene, arresting the suspect and bringing his ‘Nazi’ killing spree to an end.


The city was put on high alert following the attack. Halle’s central railway station was closed and police cordoned off parts of the city as they hunted for potential accomplices. For now, the killings appear to be the work of a lone gunman.

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