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6 Oct, 2019 15:06

Pro-Beijing actress covered in BLOOD ‘after filming vandals’ during Hong Kong protests (VIDEO)

Pro-Beijing actress covered in BLOOD ‘after filming vandals’ during Hong Kong protests (VIDEO)

A Hong Kong-born actress was filmed with blood dripping down her chin as she confronted a group of angry protesters. She said she was assaulted while trying to take pictures of them engaging in vandalism.

Leung Wing-ngan, better known by her stage name Celine Ma Tai-lo, was one of the people hurt in Hong Kong on Sunday. The Chinese city went through a third day of protests and violence in a row over its government’s decision to outlaw masks at public gatherings.

Footage of Celine Ma’s confrontation with protesters show her with blood on her face and T-shirt. She was engaged in a loud shouting match with protesters while a man is struggled to keep them apart. At one point, somebody in the crowd tried to hit her with a tennis racket.

The actress, who has a pro-Beijing stance, later said she was beaten while trying to film the protesters as they were vandalizing the property of the Bank of China. The video doesn’t show how the altercation started. Several companies viewed by the protesters as being pro-Beijing were targeted on Sunday throughout Hong Kong.

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Radical protesters in the city have attacked civilians with whom they disagree politically, including a journalist working for a Chinese media outlet, and a bank worker who shouted “We are all Chinese” in front of them.

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