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Hong Kong protests news

Hong Kong protests
Get the latest news on Hong Kong protests from RT, including breaking updates and live feeds. The protests took over Hong Kong in spring 2019 – learn how the events unfolded on RT. In May 2019, a controversial bill allowing for the extradition of suspects to mainland China sparked debates in Hong Kong’s parliament, ending up in a brawl witnessed by news reporters – get details on RT. Later on, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in violent rallies; videos of both police and protesters’ brutality went viral online, causing even more outrage. Get more information on that on RT. Officials tried to placate the protesters, publicly apologizing and promising to suspend the extradition bill. However, the protesters were not satisfied, and targeted China’s governmental office. They also eventually took over Hong Kong’s airport – find out more on RT. Meanwhile, the officials in Beijing urged other countries, particularly the US, the UK and EU, ‘not to interfere in Hong Kong’s domestic affairs.’ Learn more about possible meddling in the Hong Kong protests on RT. Finally, don’t miss experts’ and analysts’ opinions on Hong Kong unrest, and on its status and relations with mainland China.