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WATCH ‘dashcam’ footage capture dizzying maneuvers of Russian aerobatics pilot at MAKS 2019

WATCH ‘dashcam’ footage capture dizzying maneuvers of Russian aerobatics pilot at MAKS 2019
A series of death-defying loops, rolls and stalls were captured in stunning, up-close-and-personal action camera footage by Russian aerobatics squad First Flight, which performed at the MAKS Air Show near Moscow.

In what might seem like a highly ostentatious selfie video, First Flight’s pilot Dmitry Samokhvalov shows off his stuff, executing a full backwards loop before ramping up the danger with a mid-air stall, a high-risk maneuver in which the plane is briefly switched off and allowed to free-fall in the sky. The feats were filmed both from inside the cabin and by a camera fixed to the wing of Samokhvalov’s bright red single-propeller stunt plane – quite the expensive ‘selfie stick!’

The amazing display took place at the 2019 MAKS Air Show at Moscow’s Zhukovsky International Airport, which came to a close Sunday, leaving plane lovers eagerly anticipating what the Russian aircraft industry will come up with in two years’ time, at the MAKS 2021 event.

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