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19 Jul, 2019 20:47

McAfee claims CIA tried to ‘collect’ him, poses armed in boat with his wife (PHOTO)

McAfee claims CIA tried to ‘collect’ him, poses armed in boat with his wife (PHOTO)

Cryptocurrency guru John McAfee has claimed that the CIA tried to “collect” him and his wife. The secret services apparently failed, judging by the picture of the couple armed aboard their boat at sea.

McAfee made the claim via his social media platform of choice – Twitter. He said that he is now somewhere at sea after the run-in with the CIA and will remain “dark” for a few days. He accompanied the post with a photo of him and his wife holding weapons on board their yacht.

While many users took McAfee’s story at face value, some doubted that the encounter with the CIA actually took place. The comment section was then promptly flooded by McAfee-imposing scammers, pretending to be giving away bitcoins.

In a follow-up tweet, the exiled cryptocurrency evangelist claimed his only wrongdoing is “not filing tax returns,” while everything else is “propaganda” by the US government.

Earlier this year, McAfee announced that he was on the run from the US alongside his wife and living internationally on a “freedom boat” at sea around the Bahamas. It came after a Grand Jury moved to indict him and some of his associates over tax-related charges.

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Back in June, McAfee promised to “bury” the US government if they kept harassing him over unpaid taxes, arrest him or “make [him] disappear,” threatening to release a huge cache of documents supposedly proving corruption in Washington.

The eccentric businessman also said he was running for presidency “in exile,” promising to use “masked doppelgängers” to actually campaign in the US. The main cornerstone of his platform is the promotion of cryptocurrency use.

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