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24 Jun, 2019 18:09

To Dotard, love Rocket Man? Kim & Trump confirmed as ‘friendly’ pen pals despite disagreements

To Dotard, love Rocket Man? Kim & Trump confirmed as ‘friendly’ pen pals despite disagreements

“Excellent,” “beautiful,” “friendly,” Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un’s letters show that some things are bigger than politics. As tensions rise over stalling Korea nuclear talks, the leaders’ epistolary relationship is going strong.

While we can’t be sure that US President Trump spent the last two weeks since he received North Korean Chairman Kim’s “beautiful” letter thoughtfully penning a reply, he described the response he sent on Monday as “very friendly.

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Kim’s most recent letter congratulated Trump on his 73rd birthday, and hinted that the two were destined to become pen pals.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed this much on Sunday evening, saying that the “correspondence between the two leaders has been ongoing,” despite the geopolitical hardships that threaten to push them apart.

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The two last met for denuclearization talks in Vietnam earlier in the year, but both came away without what they had come for. Their respective countries are long-term enemies, currently deadlocked with North Korea asking for sanctions alleviation in exchange for nuclear disarmament gestures, while the US demands disarmament as a precondition to talks.

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Yet, Trump remains hopeful, telling reporters on Monday that “North Korea has a phenomenal future.” The American president leaves on Wednesday for a tour of Asia that will include a stop in South Korea.

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