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13 May, 2019 10:38

‘Utterly despicable’: Galloway on Sweden’s decision to reopen Assange rape case

‘Utterly despicable’: Galloway on Sweden’s decision to reopen Assange rape case

The reopening of an inquiry into allegations of rape against Julian Assange shows that even a “fading empire” like the US can get what it wants when it is backed by obedient states like the UK & Sweden, says George Galloway.

Former Labour MP George Galloway has told RT that Sweden is even more of a US vassal state than Britain. He believes attempts to get to the truth of rape allegations against the WikiLeaks co-founder are not genuine.

Given that the allegations against Julian Assange has been twice investigated and twice abandoned, there is no reason to believe this is a serious effort to try him for sexual assault allegations dating back almost an entire decade.

The political firebrand sees this latest move by Sweden as part of a bigger operation being conducted by the US.

Galloway insists that there is “every reason to believe that this is part of a maneuver whereby if the British courts don’t free him and comply fully with the United States’ wishes, well, the Swedes will.”

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Sweden’s Director of Public Prosecutions Eva-Marie Persson made the announcement on Monday morning, confirming her office’s decision.

Persson told reporters at a press conference: “I have taken the decision to reopen the preliminary investigation.”

“As Mr Assange is currently incarcerated in the UK the circumstances now allow him to be extradited to Sweden on a rape warrant,” she added.

Responding to the announcement, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has claimed that the “case has been mishandled throughout.”

Hrafnsson added that several key details surrounding the investigation were suspicious after a Swedish prosecutor initially found that “no crime at all” had occurred, after which the case was reopened at the behest of the British authorities.

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The rape allegations were leveled against Assange in a case which began almost a decade ago, before he sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012. He has repeatedly denied them.

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