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Julian Assange's arrest news

Julian Assange arrest
Get breaking news and articles from RT on the Julian Assange's arrest, which took place on April 11, 2019, near Ecuadorian embassy in London. Visit RT for stories and interviews with Julian Assange, who is a programmer and the founder of WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization that leaks and reveals secret data. Julian Assange was staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 until his arrest in 2019 – find details on that matter on RT. After the president of Ecuador Lenin Moreno stated that Assange’s asylum must be withdrawn due to ‘a repeated violation of international conventions and a protocol of coexistence’, the founder of Wikileaks has been dragged from the embassy and immediately arrested. Visit RT to read news and updates on the arrest, and to find all the updates on what happened after it. Don’t miss photos and videos from outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, including the video showing the moment Assange was arrested, as well as live feeds by RT’s Ruptly video agency. Check out RT for experts’ and analytics’ opinions on Julian Assange and on his fate after the arrest.