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16 Mar, 2019 15:34

Ruptly video agency producer injured amid violent Yellow Vest rallies in Paris (VIDEO)

Ruptly video agency producer injured amid violent Yellow Vest rallies in Paris (VIDEO)

A producer and cameraman of RT’s Ruptly video agency had his leg injured by a projectile during violent Yellow Vest demonstrations that rocked the French capital on Saturday.

The Ruptly reporter was covering the rallies near the Arc de Triomphe when he was hit by an unknown projectile. He didn’t stop filming and his camera captured scenes of chaos as he made his way towards a group of paramedics.

One of the men in the video appears to show a rubber bullet, but it is unclear if this was the projectile that hit the reporter.

Ruptly video agency producer injured amid violent Yellow Vest rallies in Paris (VIDEO)

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan stated on Twitter that the Ruptly producer had to be treated for his injury at a local hospital.

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A number of journalists received injuries during the Yellow Vest demonstrations, which continued into the 18th consecutive week on Saturday. As the rallies progressed, many observers and rights activists condemned the use of miscellaneous ammunition by police, including rubber bullets and flash balls. While considered non-lethal, they still can cause serious trauma or even death.

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Journalists covering the rallies began considering safety measures when the number of injuries started to rise. First-aid kits with eyewash pods – as well as protective goggles, helmets, and respirators – became indispensable since police often use tear gas.

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