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Eyedrops, helmets & 2.5kg vests: Journalists kit up for new wave of French protests

Eyedrops, helmets & 2.5kg vests: Journalists kit up for new wave of French protests
Covering Yellow Vest protests is a hard job for reporters as they often find themselves amid heavy clashes and clouds of tear gas. Look how RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij is getting ready for the sixth weekend of rallies.

“At RT we believe the best way to tell a story is to get to the heart of it – and that’s essentially what we as a team try to do in the protests,” explained Dubenskij, who has reported on the protests in the French capital.

A first-aid kit with eyewash pods is indispensable for journalists since police often unleash tear gas, which irritates the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs. Protective goggles, a helmet, and respirators complete the equipment.

Also on rt.com RT France reporter injured in the face as police tackle Yellow Vest protest in Paris

Having a hard hat is very important in the crossfire of glass bottles, stones and tear-gas canisters, Dubenskij notes. That’s why she never forgets to don a protective vest, which weighs some 2.5kg. If she sustains a direct hit, it will help to disperse the impact and reduce the chances of injury.

Also on rt.com RT France reporter struck in face covering Yellow Vest protest

This Saturday, protesters are preparing for a sixth consecutive weekend of nationwide rallies against government policies. Previous Yellow Vest mayhem left almost 3,000 people, both protesters and law enforcement officers, injured. Among them were reporters, covering the events, including those from RT.

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