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Yellow Vests
Follow RT to learn more about the Yellow Vests – don’t miss detailed stories, breaking news and the latest updates. The Yellow Vests (known as ‘Gilets Jaunes’ in French) are a series of protests that took over France in late 2018 to 2019. People initially protested against a new fuel tax and planed fuel price hikes, and ended up with slogans like ‘Macron resign’. Find more details on RT. Read the news on the protests in major cities all over France, including Paris, Lille, Nantes, Marseilles, and others. The Yellow Vests rallies were extremely violent and resulted in hundreds injured and several dead – check out RT for more. Find news about arrests during the protests on RT. Don’t miss photos and videos from France on RT, including live feeds and reports by RT correspondents and RT’s Ruptly video agency, and check out news on other media coverage of the rallies. Finally, visit RT to read expert opinions on the Yellow Vests, as well as other protest movements in France, and on the political situation in the country.