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4 Mar, 2019 23:02

S*** got real! Cops pelted with FECAL BOMBS during Yellow Vest protests in Marseille (PHOTO)

S*** got real! Cops pelted with FECAL BOMBS during Yellow Vest protests in Marseille (PHOTO)

The Yellow Vest protesters have apparently adopted an unconventional weapon against the French law enforcement – fecal bombs. At least three policemen have been already affected by them during the most recent protest.

The criminal police (BAC) officers came under the excrement attack in the city of Marseille on Saturday, getting heavily stained by fecal matter. One of the officers has reportedly received injury to insult, sustaining physical damage to his elbow.

The incident was acknowledged by the police, with the head of a local police union Rudy Manna revealing the details of the crappy encounter to the La Provence newspaper. 

“[The police officers] had it in their hair, on their shoes, they had to dump their clothes. They've told me they've never been that humiliated,” Manna said. “And since it was truly sh*tty afternoon, the showers did not work at the North Station, they had to clean themselves with cold water in the garage.”

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The perpetrators have not been identified yet, as they hid among other protesters, the union leader added.

The murky projectiles are dubbed 'Cacatov' – after trusty Molotov cocktail fire bombs – just filled with fecal matter instead of pricey gasoline. A ‘lighter’ version of the dung bomb is known as 'Pipitov' and comes filled with the number one compound.

Apart from Marseille, the Cacatovs were reportedly deployed by the Yellow Vests in Montpellier. The excrement bombs have been deployed in Paris as early as February 23, with a police union sounding alarm over “premeditated and disgusting” acts of the protesters. 

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Ahead of the Act 16 protests, certain individuals have been spotted promoting the fecal bombs online, sharing tips on how to cook them properly. The waste is watered – or p*ssed – down to a liquid state and then poured into tight plastic containers, balloons, etc. which easily fracture on impact.

One of the Yellow Vest protesters has even released quite a lengthy video, highlighting the benefits of such weaponry. He lauded the psychological effect the Cacatovs allegedly have on the law enforcement, who would see it as an ultimate insult. According to the protester, the idea originates in Venezuela, where the anti-government demonstrators deployed the poop bombs as early as in 2017. The idea to throw feces at one's opponent, however, appears to be a little bit more ancient than that and surely dates back to prehistoric times. 

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