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Greek police pelted with PETROL BOMBS as masked attackers take to Turkish consulate (VIDEO)

Greek police pelted with PETROL BOMBS as masked attackers take to Turkish consulate (VIDEO)
It was a tense night in the Greek city of Thessaloniki as dozens of masked assailants attacked police guarding the Turkish consulate with Molotov cocktails. Officers responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

The violence broke out after dark on Saturday when around 50 males, whom the Greek media described as “anarchists,” assaulted the police.

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Dozens of petrol bombs were tossed before the officers forced the attackers to retreat. There was a chase, but no arrests were made. The perpetrators hid on the grounds of the local Aristotle University, which is off-limits to the law enforcers. No injuries were reported, but firefighters were called in to extinguish several small blazes caused by the Molotovs.

There’s no love lost between neighboring Greece and Turkey, with the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki previously being a target of a number of provocations. Following a similar “atrocious incident” last year, the officials in Ankara said that they “expect the Greek authorities to take necessary measures for the security of the personnel and buildings of our Missions in Greece.”

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Also on Saturday, at least 40 masked men attacked a police station in the Koukaki neighborhood in Athens. Petrol bombs were also tossed, damaging the entrance to the precinct, two parked police vehicles, and a nearby bakery. The assault was repelled, with the officers making 10 arrests.

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