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22 Jan, 2019 18:21

VIDEO shows deaf child react to Syrian first lady giving him life-changing hearing aid

VIDEO shows deaf child react to Syrian first lady giving him life-changing hearing aid

A deaf child being treated at a Damascus hospital was filmed reacting to an implant allowing him to hear for the first time. The child got the device from his donor, Syrian first lady Asma Assad, who’s been fighting breast cancer.

Asma, who is the wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad, was filmed paying a charity visit to the Damascus hospital Monday where she met families whose children suffer from hearing impairments.

The video, uploaded by the Syrian presidency’s official Twitter account, shows Asma equipping a young boy with a hearing implant. The child, who was born deaf, begins to laugh and offers thumbs up as he hears human voices clearly for the first time in his life while Asma talks to him gently. In all, ten children received the device with the first lady’s support.

The footage has been widely shared on social networks, with many praising the first lady for her charity work. A post on Asma’s Instagram page has highlighted the rehab program for children who suffer from life-long hearing impairments.

The Syrian first lady herself has recently been in need of medical help after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018. This did not stop her from continuing her charity and humanitarian projects helping Syrian people overcome the aftermath of the war that has been devastating the country since 2011.

Asma Assad was born to Syrian parents in London, educated in the UK and moved to Syria in November 2000 shortly after meeting Bashar Assad, whom she married a month later. The couple has three children. Asma is known to have refused multiple offers of asylum, choosing to stay in war-torn Syria.

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