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28 Nov, 2018 14:42

‘Those who question are threatened’ – feminist banned for ‘men aren’t women’ remark on Twitter to RT

‘Those who question are threatened’ – feminist banned for ‘men aren’t women’ remark on Twitter to RT

A feminist – banned from Twitter for saying that "men are not women" – told RT that those who question ideologies of modern society are threatened, harassed and even fired, adding free speech and democracy may be in danger.

Meghan Murphy, editor of Canada's leading feminist news portal Feminist Current, was banned on Twitter because several of her tweets violated the platform's rules against "hateful conduct." One of the 'offending' tweets stated that "men aren't women," while the other asked: "How are transwomen not men?"

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Contacted by RT, Murphy shared her reaction on the ban and tried to unravel what lies behind this online drive. She believes that society is now being forced "to adapt to a new language and a new ideology" which says that the instant a male declares that he is a woman, they must be accepted as literally female.

Those of us who do speak up, or even who ask questions, who are simply trying to have a conversation, a public debate to… about the implication of this ideology, are smeared, threatened, harassed…

Murphy said that she even knows people who were fired from their jobs for simply asking such a question. This new trend is gaining popularity and is taking over very quickly nowadays, the activist and journalist insists, admitting that she finds it "frightening."

Everyone should be concerned because this about free speech and democracy.

In addition, people in Canada are afraid of speaking about such issues, because they see what happened to her, the activist claims. Her account had several thousand followers before the ban.

According to Murphy, this new focus on "inclusivity" which is pushed and promoted by the transgender movement has convinced people that it is necessary to accept men as women. Yet, she assumes that it is not discriminatory to have some spaces which are reserved just for women. She drew an example of transition centers where women are escaping male violence.

"Stepping out of these gender rules and pushing these gender stereotypes doesn't make a person literally change sex," she added.

Murphy's situation is just another example of when people are targeted and bashed because their views contravene the opinions of the liberal and tolerant society.

Back in 2016, feminist writer Germaine Greer was banned from speaking on panels following her suggestion that a post-operative transgender woman "can't be a woman."

A year later similar statement from the BBC Radio 4 presenter Jenni Murray landed her in hot water, with people accusing her of transphobia.

And the 'wheel of tolerance' just won't stop. In September this year, a Swedish university began investigating one of its professors, Germund Hesslow, for "anti-feminism" and "transphobia" after he said there are biological differences between men and women. The probe is being conducted so far and he may even lose his job.

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Hesslow rejected the notion that he had a "political agenda" and said his only agenda was to let scientific fact, not new conventional wisdom, steer university proceedings.

The 'tolerant crusade' even reached the creator of the immortal The Lord of the Rings saga, JRR Tolkien. A sci-fi author now accuses him of being 'racist' to orcs who were simply misunderstood, he even compared them to today's migrants and refugees. 

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