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22 Nov, 2018 17:38

Blast from the past: Floppy disks found in space (PHOTO)

Blast from the past: Floppy disks found in space (PHOTO)

It appears the International Space Station – what some may deem the pinnacle of modern technology – is also home to some of the most outdated computer equipment from Earth.

Alexander Gerst, a European Space Agency astronaut and current ISS resident, was clearing out a locker that apparently hasn’t been opened for decades, when he found that it was some kind of accidental technological time capsule.

Gerst shared a photo of his nostalgic discovery of a folder filled with old-school floppy disks on Tuesday. (For those too young to remember, floppy disks were used for computer storage before CDs and eventually USB sticks were invented.)

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The outmoded storage devices are labeled as containing Utilities for Windows 95/98, as well as ‘Crew Personal Support Data Disk’ for NASA astronaut William Shepherd and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, who were both part of the Expedition 1 crew in 2000.

The ISS just celebrated its 20th birthday in orbit and continues to be a home for human space exploration (it’s now larger than a six-bedroom house and has hosted more than 230 individuals from 18 countries), not to mention the groundbreaking scientific discoveries that have been conducted on board.

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