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27 Sep, 2018 13:08

Iran warns Israel it will ‘regret’ further attacks on Syria & allies

Iran warns Israel it will ‘regret’ further attacks on Syria & allies

If Israel continues to attack the Syrian Army and its allies “who are confronting terrorism” in the war-ravaged country, it will ultimately regret it, a high-ranking Iranian official has warned.

“The Zionist regime has been trying to establish a crisis in Syria,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said on Thursday. 

Ali Shamkhani slammed Israel, saying it has taken steps “to directly support terrorist groups and target the Syrian army and forces who are confronting terrorism.”

Should Israel continue with these actions, “it will face reactions that will cause regret.”

The warning comes just two days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that the IDF will continue to strike Iranian-linked military targets in Syria. He, however, vowed to uphold coordination with Russia in the conflict-ridden state.

The commitment followed Moscow’s decision to provide S-300 missile defense systems to Damascus, which in turn came after the downing of a Russian Il-20 patrol plane in Syria. The aircraft was shot down by Syrian missiles during an Israeli air raid.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Tel Aviv misled Moscow about the exact location of the strikes and claimed that Israeli jets effectively used the Il-20 as a cover from Syrian missiles.

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Tel Aviv expressed its condolences to Russia over the tragedy but denied responsibility. In fact, the IDF squarely put the blame on Damascus and Tehran, and promised to continue to use its “lethal and accurate weapons” to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent presence in Syria. Tehran has repeatedly countered the allegations, saying its military advisers have every right to be in Syria, given they have an official invitation and permission from Damascus.

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