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25 Sep, 2018 18:04

Rouhani slams US for ‘authoritarian’ foreign policy, calls on Trump to return to talks

Rouhani slams US for ‘authoritarian’ foreign policy, calls on Trump to return to talks

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has accused the Trump administration of trying to undo all international institutions and slammed it for "illegally" withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, while calling on it to return to talks.

  • 25 September 2018

    18:40 GMT

    "The world will not have a better friend than Iran if peace is what you seek," Rouhani said at the end of his speech.

  • 18:35 GMT

    "Iran does not need an empire. Iran is an empire in terms of its civilization and culture - not through political domination," Rouhani said.

  • 18:31 GMT

    Iran desires the formation of a "collective mechanism" for the Persian Gulf region with the participation of all regional countries, Rouhani said.

  • 18:30 GMT

    Rouhani says Iran wants better relations with Gulf states.

    The "most pressing" crisis in the Middle East is the question of Palestine. "The innumerable crimes of Israel against the Palestinians" would not have been possible without the support of the US, according to Rouhani.

  • 18:27 GMT

    Iran's presence in Syria has been at the request of the Syrian government and "has aimed at assisting the Syrian government in combatting extremist terrorism."

  • 18:25 GMT

    The question of international security "is not a toy in American domestic politics," Rouhani said. "The UN is not a part of the United States administration."

    Rouhani says Iran supports peace and democracy in the entire Middle East.

    There is "no better way than dialogue," he said, while also stating that dialogue is a two-way street.

  • 18:21 GMT

    When it comes to international relations, the US believes that "might makes right," Rouhani said.

  • 18:18 GMT

    Washington's behavior in international relations is authoritarian, according to Rouhani.

  • 18:16 GMT

  • 18:15 GMT

    The Iranian people have demonstrated their resilience over the past 40 years, and they can overcome this "difficult phase" as well.

    Iran's multi-millennial history shows that Iran has never broken in the "face of a storm of events," Rouhani said.