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13 Sep, 2018 17:11

US aims to ‘artificially prolong’ bloodshed in Syria by saving terrorists – Russian Foreign Ministry

US aims to ‘artificially prolong’ bloodshed in Syria by saving terrorists – Russian Foreign Ministry

Washington is seeking to obstruct moves towards peace to “artificially prolong” the conflict in Syria by saving Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists from imminent defeat, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said.

The US is obviously struggling to justify its military presence on Syrian territory as it uses officials and biased media to prepare the world for a new round of aggression against the Arab republic, Zakharova told reporters at her news conference on Thursday. The purpose of such rhetoric is simple – to change the “vector” of events in the country, which turned toward a peaceful course just last year.   

“We see in Washington’s actions an attempt to artificially prolong an armed standoff and fratricidal bloodshed in Syria by saving the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists from final defeat,” the diplomat stated.  

US actions in Syria must meet strong resistance, otherwise the whole world will be brought “to the brink of the abyss.” The situation around the war-torn country demonstrates that Washington is attempting to create global domination for one goal – to build up a striking coalition of leading Western states and further use it to offer a military solution to any problem occurring in the world.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated Moscow’s repeated warnings that militants are plotting to stage a false-flag attack in Syria and continue their preparations for it. Earlier the Russian military revealed that the controversial group operating solely in militant-controlled areas, the White Helmets, shot at least nine videos intended for use against the Syrian government to pin the blame on it for the staged incident. 

Meanwhile, the US has been drawing up forces to the region. USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, is the latest reinforcement. It entered the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar on Wednesday, and its arrival in the region raised Washington’s striking arsenal to up to 200 ‘Tomahawk’ cruise missiles. 

Last week, Russia staged large-scale military exercises off the Syrian coast. The presence of Russian naval forces in the area was considered as a possible deterrent to aggression from the US and its allies.

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