#Romanovs100 top 10 photos taken by Nicholas II, his wife & their children (PHOTOS)

#Romanovs100 top 10 photos taken by Nicholas II, his wife & their children (PHOTOS)
Digital puzzle #Romanovs100 looks back at its most popular photos: over 100 days 4,000 images the Romanovs took themselves were published across social media telling the family’s story ahead of their execution’s centenary.

This extensive photo archive was distributed across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook without repeating itself. Each platform conveyed its unique narrative using linear and non-linear storytelling.

Having access to the most cutting-edge technology of their time, the whole Romanov family was into photography: Nicholas II’s four daughters carried their Kodak Brownies everywhere they went, while his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, could often be spotted with a panoramic camera, taking exceptional shots documenting life in Russia at the turn of the previous century. Here are the most popular #Romanovs100 photos:

Nicholas & children

Most of the images the #Romanovs100 team acquired from the Russian State Archive are very personal family moments captured on film by Russia’s last reigning royals – a unique opportunity for time travel.


Even under arrest Nicholas II would note in his diary that captivity was an opportunity for him to spend more valuable time with his wife and children, whom he loved dearly. 

Grumpy Anastasia

The youngest of the four sisters, Anastasia was a tomboy and a true character, her mischief shining through in many recollections by family members and friends. Even this excessive archive shows her lively attitude and un-staged behavior. 

Nicholas & Alexandra

This photo was taken after Nicholas and Alexandra’s engagement in 1894 in England. Their romance was an iconic one: late into their relationship, having five children, they conversed as early lovebirds in their correspondence. 

Harry's Jacket

This image rose to popularity in the wake of Prince Harry’s marriage: Nicholas II can be seen wearing the same jacket here and #Romanovs100 explained why. 

Nicholas II

On July 17, 2018, #Romanovs100 rounded up its social media narrative marking 100 years since the family’s execution. This was a Facebook post about how the tragic events of that night unfolded. Here is a livestream the team led that night syncing all the project’s platforms in one linear story.

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One of the project’s most popular images supported a Facebook post about the Tsar’s abdication in 1917. 


Tatiana’s hair is shorter in this Crimean summer photo because she had it completely cut off when she had typhoid in 1913.  


Popular for the wrong reasons (a series of imposters claimed to have been the surviving Romanov girl), Anastasia was Nicholas and Alexandra’s fourth daughter when they were really hoping for a boy and heir.


The four girls were all very fond of each other and very different. Away from the extravagant existence at court, the girls lived a private life surrounded by the family’s close circle, having each other and their baby brother as company. OTMA was the acronym they used to refer to themselves: Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.

#Romanovs100 comes from the creators of #1917LIVE and tells the story of the lives of Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna, their five children and entourage through the lenses of their own cameras: they were all early adopters of photography and left a legacy of over 4,000 images behind. While the project’s social media phase came to a halt on the anniversary of the execution, the team promises more Romanov-related content ahead including a full original soundtrack release in autumn.