From vineyard to graveyard: Creepy animal skull spooks Reddit users (PHOTO)

From vineyard to graveyard: Creepy animal skull spooks Reddit users (PHOTO)
A Reddit user’s account of their day at a vineyard took a rather macabre turn and sparked a rip roaring debate online after they claimed to have pulled up a vine root embedded inside a tiny animal skull.

Posted to the online forum on Friday by user Zuelk, the photo reveals a plant growing from the eye socket of a miniature skull. But did the finder fall upon a hidden pet cemetary or a ghoulish organic farming technique? has reached out to the uploader for more information. In the meantime, Reddit users have been commenting in their droves, joking and speculating about the bizarre vineyard discovery.

“What gives our wine its distinctive flavor? The grapes are grown in a graveyard,” one person joked.

“Mmm cursed wine,” a second Reddit user added.

“Could almost call it a… grapeyard,” chimed in another.

“Yikes! Someone didn’t bury the family pet deep enough,” wrote user BrownyGato.

Other Redditors have pondered what type of animal the skull belongs to, with many people settling on a raccoon.

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Meanwhile, those claiming to have experience in the wine industry have also mentioned that burying bones in soil, in the same vein as bone meal fertilizer, can have a positive impact on the grape-growing process.

“I work in the wine industry,” said user Puncheonjudy, “and it’s actually common in biodynamic growing. This could easily be the remnants of some of these biodynamic viticultural techniques. It could also be the grave of a family pet of course.”

According to the US government, bone meal, derived entirely from animal parts, can be considered “100 percent natural organic” fertilizer.

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