Jolly Roger-flying terrorists get whacked at Slavic Brotherhood 2018 drills (VIDEOS)

Jolly Roger-flying terrorists get whacked at Slavic Brotherhood 2018 drills (VIDEOS)
The militaries of Russia, Belarus and Serbia have assembled for the annual Slavic Brotherhood drills, using tanks, drones and paratroopers to eradicate pesky Jolly Roger flag-flying terrorists and to free hostages in orange robes.

The terrorists attacked the fictional country of Hadaria, infiltrating its border region and taking locals hostage, according to the script of the drills, which wrapped up on Thursday. While the terrorists bore a close resemblance to some generic-jihadist group, they brandished Jolly Roger flags, giving the event vibes of some old-fashioned, land-based pirate story.

As the insurgency in Hadaria grew, the joint Russia-Belarus-Serbia force was called in. The servicemen swept through the countryside of the troubled region, tackling terrorists, as well as gathering intelligence from the ‘locals’ and undercover agents in the field. The troops used over ten Russian Orlan-10 UAVs to control the battlefield and observe the movements of the terrorists in real time.

The main forces were then deployed, launching a full-scale military op. The offensive was supported by tanks and other armored vehicles.

The operation concluded with an assault on the base camps of the terrorists, where the ‘hostages’ were held. The captives wore bright orange Guantanamo-style robes, also infamously used by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists during their gruesome public executions.

The assault saw some units deploying from helicopters to the high ground, while mobile groups in armored cars got up-close and personal with the ‘terrorists,’ snatching hostages from their control. The insurgents were eventually encircled and eliminated with the support of airborne artillery units and attack helicopters.

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The 10-day exercise, aimed at honing the counter-terrorist and peacekeeping skills of the joint task force, was held at the Rayevskiy testing grounds near the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk. The international tactical group included over 700 Russian paratroopers, over 250 Belarusian special forces operatives and some 50 Serbian service personnel. The task force used modern iterations of T-72 tanks, BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicles, Rys armored cars and other hardware.

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