Read those sexy sounds: Pornhub adds subtitles to adult videos

Read those sexy sounds: Pornhub adds subtitles to adult videos
Now you can read how sex really sounds as adult entertainment platform Pornhub has captioned over 1,000 videos from its massive smut library. The move is aimed at making porn more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing users.

The launch of a premier collection of adult videos with subtitles to “improve the experience for users who are not able to hear the video’s original audio” was revealed by Pornhub last week. The collection is to include over 1,000 top-viewed videos from a wide variety of the site’s categories, including straight, popular with women, gay, bi and transsexual. 

So now you’ll be able to read all those exciting come-ons exchanged by shredded plumbers and flirtatious housekeepers (or whatever the roles are). And not only that. Descriptive text rendering “non-vocal audio that’s relevant to the storyline” will also help viewers react to the emotional changes the characters are experiencing.

“By integrating our new Closed Captioning category, we are now able to render some of our most popular adult content more enjoyable for our users who are hearing impaired,” said Corey Price, Pornhub VP.

He added that around 38 million Americans, who are over-18, have some trouble hearing and those numbers increase “exponentially” if applied to the rest of the world.

This isn’t the first time Pornhub has tried to make porn accessible to all. In 2016, the company launched audio descriptions for its top performing videos to cater to its visually impaired users.

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