World Cup 2018 can become a start-up for Russian football – Sepp Blatter to RT

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter believes the unpredictability of football games attracts fans, and the World Cup is a great opportunity for the whole world to see Russia.

“In football, there are always surprises. This makes the competition so attractive: you never know what will happen. The match between Mexico and Germany was a real thriller. People like that,” the former FIFA boss told RT on Wednesday. “But I think even if the big teams lose their first match, they will come back.”

The tournament itself can help the world to better understand what Russia really looks like, Blatter said. “There is a wonderful audience at the stadiums. It’s important that all the international television audience [sees Russia],” he said. “Russia is now all over the world.”

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Noting that the host nation has begun the competition with two stunning wins in a row, beating Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Blatter said that this success and the experience of hosting the competition can be “a start-up” for Russian football.

Big tournaments often face political challenges and interventions, which “is not good,” Blatter added, but “you can’t stop it.”

“Football should not be dominated by politics. Football, perhaps, should help solve political problems,” he told RT.

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