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19 Jun, 2018 10:09

Sex robots will soon be able to reject raunchy romps with humans (VIDEO)

Sex robots will soon be able to reject raunchy romps with humans (VIDEO)

Created to satisfy the sexual desires of their owners, sex robots could soon be able to turn down unwanted advances, according to a trailblazing inventor designing the lovemaking machines.

Spanish engineer Sergi Santos is behind one of latest sex doll models to capitalize on the niche market. Earlier this year he told RT.com about how future iterations of his love robot, Samantha, could allow people to “have sex whenever [they] like” and then enable users to order their shopping.

Samantha comes equipped with "family," "romantic" and "sex" settings and even has an "extra naughty" mode for when her owner is in a particularly raunchy mood.

However, it appears the designer has changed his mind, with reports suggesting the robot has been fitted with a “dummy mode” that will allow her to let her owners know when she is bored with their attentions.

According to the British media, the sex robot will soon be able to say ‘no’ if she is touched in an unwanted or aggressive way.

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Samantha’s new mode was demonstrated at a recent presentation at the Life Science Center in Newcastle, according to the Mirror. It means that the shop-bought AI lovers will be given the chance to reject romps with their partners.

However, the display of Samantha's new features did not go down well with another speaker at the event, Prof Kathleen Richardson, who founded the Campaign Against Sex Robots.

"This development is just an extension of pornography and prostitution and a waste of money which could be spent on better things,” Richardson said.

Speaking to RT.com in March, Santo explained how his dolls Kira, Maya, Simone and Samantha are “capable of enjoying sex.” He predicted that in the future everyone will have a robot sex companion.

“You will be able to have a doll that you have sex with whenever you like and then you will be able to say ‘make sure I get the right shopping tomorrow.’ All these digital things will happen. In five to 10 years, these should be really cheap,” he said.

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