Trump late for G7 breakfast, Trudeau says start without 'stragglers' (PHOTOS)

Trump late for G7 breakfast, Trudeau says start without 'stragglers' (PHOTOS)
US President Donald Trump was reportedly labelled a ‘straggler’ by his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau after he was 17 minutes late for a breakfast meeting with G7 state powerbrokers on Saturday.

On the second day of the 44th G7 summit in Quebec, world leaders from the Group of Seven including the UK, France, Canada, Germany and Japan sat down for breakfast to discuss gender equality issues.

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However, with the political heavyweights preparing to tuck into a continental breakfast complete with freshly poured orange juice there was one noticeable absentee - Donald Trump. According to Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, the US president failed to show for the 8am meeting until nearly 17 minutes past the hour.

In that time, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau reportedly offered up a thinly veiled slight at the president by saying that the meeting would go ahead without any “stragglers”.

Trump’s tardiness has apparently been put down to the president being delayed by a separate G7 meeting with his own staff, reported MSNBC.

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