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Brazilian teen dies after shark bites off his penis

Brazilian teen dies after shark bites off his penis
The moment a Brazilian swimmer was pulled ashore after being fatally mauled by a shark has been captured on film, showing how the 18-year-old man suffered a gaping wound to his midriff.

Jose Ernestor da Silva was swimming off Piedade beach in the city of Recife on Sunday when he was attacked by the predator. According to local media, the teenager received serious injuries to his waist and genitalia, and had to have his leg amputated. The 18-year old passed away on Monday, Paraiba.com reports.

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Video has since emerged of da Silva being dragged ashore by lifeguards. It shows the teenager bleeding heavily from the shark bite, with passersby desperately rushing to his aid, trying to stem the blood flow. 

Recife Fire Department confirmed the attack in a statement, saying the victim was swimming quite a distance from the shore when the shark struck.

“The boy was removed from the water by the life guards and taken initially to the Hospital De Aeronautica De Recife. After the wound was stabilized, the victim was taken to a restoration hospital,” the fire department said.

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Da Silva was earlier said to be in a serious condition, according to Globo TV, which reported that the 18-year old suffered a series of heart attacks and lost part of his genitalia.

The incident is the second such attack in the area in recent months. On April 15, a man lost a hand and part of his leg when he was bitten in waist-high water near Piedade beach. Investigations into the both attacks are understood to be ongoing.

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