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29 May, 2018 10:12

Julian Assange faces kangaroo trial if snatched by US – Randy Credico

Julian Assange faces kangaroo trial if snatched by US – Randy Credico

If WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange enters US custody, he will face a kangaroo court and a lifetime imprisonment, radio host Randy Credico told RT.

Credico was named by Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone as an intermediary between him and Assange in an effort to obtain information on Hillary Clinton. This put him in a position to meet the House Intelligence Committee.

Last week he claimed that he told ranking Democrat member of the committee, Adam Schiff, that Assange would be willing to testify about the allegation if asked. The response was reportedly that Schiff would interview Assange only after he is in US custody.

The founder of WikiLeaks faces a lifetime in prison if the US manages to get him, Credico believes.

“The US is serious about extraditing and charging Julian Assange. The US will bring him over to this country. And then they will put him in a supermax and give him a kangaroo court trial and that would be end for him for the end of his life,” Credico said in an interview with RT.

“This is a First Amendment case,” he added. “That’s the reason we have the First Amendment – to protect the press. He is a publisher, he is an editor and he is a journalist. They didn’t like what he had to publish – that’s the reason why.”

Credico also commented on the denial by WikiLeaks that Assange was communicating through him.

“People, who are associated with WikiLeaks got wind of [a future off the record meeting with Schiff] and gave me a simple message that if Mr. Schiff would like to interview Mr. Assange, he would welcome that. That’s all. I do not speak for WikiLeaks, I do not speak for Julian Assange. All I did was deliver that message,” he said.

Assange remains in Ecuador's embassy in London, which he will not leave out of fear that he will be arrested and extradited to the US under a sealed indictment, the existence of which the US and the UK will not admit. He was put incommunicado by the Ecuador government in March, citing his public comments on Catalonia's independence bid as the reason.

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