Bathroom brew: Indian Railways vendor caught mixing tea in toilets (VIDEO)

Bathroom brew: Indian Railways vendor caught mixing tea in toilets (VIDEO)
A vendor onboard an Indian Railways train has been fined after he was spotted carrying tea and coffee cans out of a toilet – suggesting customer beverages had been mixed in a public bathroom.

Outcry in response to video of the incident has led India’s national railway to carry out an inquiry. Footage circulating online shows a man in a blue t-shirt leaving a train toilet with hot drinks dispensers for customers.

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The incident has led to numerous comments online about health and safety. “In trains tea and coffee sellers bringing water from toilets… they are playing with public health. Friends please be aware while traveling in Indian Railways,” one Facebook commenter said.

As a result the government has been forced to intervene, slapping the official vendor with a fine of 100,000 rupees, the equivalent of US$1,500.

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“It has come to notice that a video has been in circulation on social media in the last few days of a vendor seen coming out of a train toilet with tea/coffee cans, conveying that water is mixed in the cans inside the toilet,” a statement from the Indian Ministry of Railways read.

“An inquiry has been held to identify the wrongdoers and initiate appropriate action.”

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