#ThisIsFine: Guy chows down while bus is engulfed in flames (VIDEO)

#ThisIsFine: Guy chows down while bus is engulfed in flames (VIDEO)
Some people just seem to have an innate sense of calm, remaining totally cool whatever the circumstances. This guy chowing down while a bus is consumed by flames right beside him though really takes it to another level.

This incredible footage, recorded in a cafe in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk on Friday, shows a restaurant patron calmly enjoying his lunch as total carnage continues just outside the window. The diner nonchalantly eats his meal, barely taking a second glance at the inferno raging mere meters away.

And, incredibly, our unperturbed diner is not the only one totally unfazed by the blaze nearby. Two other patrons of the eatery casually walk past the camera with no appearance of urgency or alarm. The person filming the fiery scene is also clearly not too bothered.

Some Instagram users wondered if our unflappable diner was the driver of the bus, taking a break while his vehicle burned down. Others suggested he was just “warming up” the engine before returning to the flaming wreckage.

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