‘It’s a pity’: Putin ‘offended’ at being left off US Treasury ‘Kremlin List’

‘It’s a pity’: Putin ‘offended’ at being left off US Treasury ‘Kremlin List’
Russian President Vladimir Putin has added a slightly lighter tone to the tensions over the ‘Kremlin List’ by the US Treasury, jokingly saying that his absence from it was a bit sad.

The list in question includes 210 people, including the entire government and prominent businessmen, but fails to mention the Russian leader.

On Tuesday, Putin noted that he had been alerted to the release, yet had not checked the document in detail. He was aware, though, that his name was not featured in the report.

“It’s a pity,” Putin noted sarcastically, while answering a question on how he feels about being left aside.

Despite saying that the action by the US Treasury is in a certain way “unprecedented” and clearly casts shadow on the already-strained ties with Washington, he stressed that both he and Russia have better things to worry about.

“We should think more about ourselves, work on our economy, agriculture, support exports, education, and then a sudden realization will strike that there’s no sense in making any threats or lists.

“That’s what we should do, going by the well-known rule: ‘The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on,’” he stated.

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