Russian supersonic MiG-31s face off in stratosphere training (VIDEO)

Russian supersonic MiG-31s face off in stratosphere training (VIDEO)
Two Russian MiG-31 supersonic fighter jets honed their skills during stratosphere drills in training footage released by the defense ministry.

One MiG-31 long-range interceptor played the role of an aircraft violating Russian airspace during an exercise for fighter pilots from Yelizovo airbase in Kamchatka. It was cruising at an altitude of 20km, well into the stratosphere, and at “maximum speed.”

The defense ministry did not provide exact details, but at that altitude, a MiG-31 can reach speeds of 3,000kph.

Another MiG-31 was scrambled to intercept the “violator.” To make the task more difficult, the interceptor operated alone, without ground anti-aircraft support. The MiG-31 features powerful onboard radar and can perform this type of task relying solely on its onboard systems.

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The interceptor found the “violator” and made a mock air-to-air missile launch while flying at 2,000kph at an altitude of over 14km. The “intruder” took evasive maneuvers, but was “hit” and “destroyed” by the mock missile from a distance of 100km. Upon completing the exercise, both planes returned to the base.

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