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14 Jan, 2018 23:55

Terrified passengers crawl out of Turkish plane that slid off runway, hung over Black Sea (VIDEO)

Terrified passengers crawl out of Turkish plane that slid off runway, hung over Black Sea (VIDEO)

Footage from inside the plane that skidded off a runway at a Turkish airport shows terrified passengers crawling to safety after the aircraft plunged down the side of a cliff above the Black Sea.

The Pegasus Airlines passenger jet slid off the runway in the Turkish city of Trabzon on Saturday night and was left hanging just feet from the lapping waves below.

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While none of the 162 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew were injured in the heartstopping incident, video from inside the plane reveals confusion and chaos as passengers scrambled in the dark.

Agitated voices and the cries of a baby can be heard as attempts are made to evacuate the stricken jet.

Footage captured on passengers’ mobile phones and shared by the Turkish İhlas News Agency also shows rescue crews on the scene. Passengers described the panic onboard to Anadolu news agency.

“We tilted on the side and the front of the plane went down and the back of went up. There was a huge panic, people were shouting,” Fatma Gordu said as cited by Reuters.

Gordu also explained how the smell of fuel caused further alarm. “We thought there would be fire. People panicked – there were pregnant women and children.”

“It’s a miracle we escaped. We could have burned, exploded, flown into the sea,” another passenger, Yuksel Gordu, said.