Anarchists storm Spanish embassy in Athens (PHOTOS)

Anarchists storm Spanish embassy in Athens (PHOTOS)
A Greek anarchist group stormed the Spanish embassy in Athens in support of Catalonian independence, hanging banners from the roof and throwing leaflets from the windows.

Embassy staff were forced to evacuate Wednesday morning as 19 demonstrators from the group, Rouvikonas, burst into the building on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street in the Makrigianni area.

Only a few diplomats remained inside, reports Reuters citing an embassy official.

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"About 15 to 20 entered the embassy and threw leaflets. They did not break anything. The leaflet said 'solidarity is the weapon of the people'," the embassy official told Reuters.

The official added that there are no reports of damage or injuries.

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The group hung a banner from the embassy’s roof scrawled with a slogan from the Spanish Civil War which read “No Pasaran!” (They Shall Not Pass).

All 19 anarchists were arrested by Greek police and embassy employees were allowed back into the building.