Workout gone wrong: Man gets penis trapped in iron weight

Workout gone wrong: Man gets penis trapped in iron weight
One man’s workout went bizarrely and alarmingly wrong when he somehow wound up getting his penis caught in a gym weight.

The unnamed man became trapped in the 2.5kg iron plate on Friday morning in the German city of Worms.

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With the weight still attached to his manhood, he somehow managed to get himself to a local hospital.

However, it appears the medical center did not have the appropriate tools to assist, and instead turned to a fire department’s grinder and hydraulic cutter to release the patient.

While it’s not clear why the individual attempted the bizarre approach to pumping iron, the Worms Fire Department has revealed that it took heavy power tools and three hours to free the stricken man.

“One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2.6kg-dumbbell disc. With the help of the grinder, a saw and hydraulic emergency [cutter], the dumbbell was removed after three hours” the department said in a statement.

“Please do not imitate such actions,” it added.  

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Pictures from the scene show the weight had to be shattered into five separate pieces to enable the tricky rescue.

The incident perhaps highlights the fact that there is such a thing as loving exercise too much.