Palestinian killed by Israeli forces following alleged stabbing attempt (VIDEO)

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces following alleged stabbing attempt (VIDEO)
Videos have emerged showing the immediate aftermath of an alleged attempted knife attack by a Palestinian man on Israeli forces in the West Bank. The suspect was shot and killed by the IDF, with the incident reportedly triggering clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces.

Video said to be taken immediately following the encounter shows the alleged attacker lying on the ground beside an Israeli military vehicle. RT has reached out to the earliest uploader of the footage in an effort to ascertain who filmed the video.

According to a statement from the Israeli army, quoted by the Times of Israel, “in response to the immediate threat, forces fired shots towards the assailant.

The Palestinian Ma’an news agency identified the deceased Palestinian as Muhammad Hussein Ahmad Tnouh, citing Palestinian medical and security sources.

The Times of Israel reported no Israelis were injured in the incident, which took place near the Tekoa settlement and the Palestinian town of Tuqu.

According to a Ma’an reporter on the scene, Israeli soldiers fired four shots at the man near the Tuqu’s school.Eyewitnesses cited by the same media said a military vehicle then ran over the man. 

RT has also contacted the IDF but has yet to receive a response. 

Clashes broke out between Israeli security and Palestinians in the wake of the shooting. Footage from the scene shows soldiers surrounding Tnouh’s body as the crowd shouts. An Israeli soldier can be seen firing a semi-automatic gun into the air.

The Times of Israel reported Palestinians were throwing rocks soon after the shooting while soldiers were firing tear gas at the protesters.

Ma’an reported that Israeli soldiers fired both live and rubber-coated bullets at the crowd. Video footage from the scene shows the crowd running amid gunfire sounds.

RT has reached to Palestinian police and the Palestinian Red Crescent for comment.

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The troubled region has, since 2015, witnessed a wave of stabbing attacks by Palestinians, which often end with a fatal shooting by the IDF. Dozens of Israeli citizens have been killed in the attacks, with over 200 Palestinians — the majority said to be the perpetrators of stabbing attacks — shot dead by Israeli security.

However, there have been reported cases of excessive violence by Israeli soldiers, like the highly-publicized case of IDF Sergeant Elor Azaria.

Azaria had been convicted of manslaughter for shooting dead an already neutralized Palestinian attacker, but his legal team filed an appeal with Israel's military court.