Cargo plane overshoots runway, crashes at takeoff in Colombia (VIDEOS)

Cargo plane overshoots runway, crashes at takeoff in Colombia (VIDEOS)
An AeroSucre cargo flight with six people on board has crashed en route from Puerto Carreno to the Colombian capital of Bogota. According to videos recorded by witnesses, the aircraft seemed to have overshot the runway on takeoff and crashed shortly afterwards.

The Boeing 727 aircraft crashed at 5:23pm local time (2323 GMT) 10 miles from German Olano Airport, some three minutes after takeoff, the Civil Aviation authority said in a statement. 

Meanwhile videos posted on YouTube appear to show the aircraft nearly touching the fence at the end of the airstrip during takeoff.

In another video, allegedly the same aircraft is seen flying at an extremely low altitude and crashing into the ground shortly afterwards.

Only one of the six people on board survived the accident and was transferred to San Juan de Dios Hospital, according to AFP. The remaining five crew members lost their lives.

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Details of the incident are being investigated. The Colombian Red Cross reported that volunteer staff are working at the scene.