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2 Dec, 2016 20:20

At least 5 killed in rebel shelling of govt-controlled West Aleppo – RT’s on-the-spot reporter

A new shelling by militants of government-controlled West Aleppo has left at least five people dead and dozens injured, doctors at the local hospital confirmed to an RT correspondent on the ground.

"There has been relentless shelling from morning to evening today on government-held parts of West Aleppo," Lizzie Phelan said.

"The figures that we have so far are five killed and as many as 33 injured."

Phelan talked with Aleppo doctor Omar Al Omar, who described the case of a five-year-old boy named Dia fighting for his life after suffering a brain injury. The boy is set to undergo a complex surgery, and it is too early to estimate his chances of survival, Omar told Phelan.

“I don’t know now because his heart has stopped twice. We don’t know now, after five days we’ll know about this case,” he said.

In course of the surgery, doctors will try to repair the boy’s skull and stop bleeding in the brain.

The AL-Razi hospital, one of the medical facilities which Phelan has visited with her crew, treated 18 people who suffered various injuries in the shelling.

"Sixteen of those came from a school turned refugee shelter that was hit,” she added.

A police source also confirmed to the Syrian state run SANA news agency that the temporary facility in question housed refugees, who came from the territories liberated by the Syrian army in Eastern Aleppo.

According to the news outlet, the militants assaults hit the districts of al-Mohafaza, al-Mogambo, al-Mirdian and al-Furqan.

“Rebels are fiercely trying to fight back as Syrian army advances in East Aleppo continue," the RT correspondent said.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army is currently liberating parts of Eastern Aleppo from the terrorists and militants still standing ground in the area.

While tens of thousands of people from Eastern Aleppo have already escaped to safety, thousands more are also trying to seek refuge in the government-controlled areas.

Yet according to Lizzie Phelan, who earlier spoke to locals, militants are trying their best to prevent the escape.