‘Confusion, emergency vehicles all around’: Ansbach resident talks to RT after Bavaria blast

Total confusion reigned at the scene of a blast at a bar in the German city of Ansbach. The alleged attacker died and at least 12 people were wounded, a local resident who spoke with first responders told RT.

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“With the police cars and emergency vehicles passing by I decided to come to the scene. By the time I came to the scene part of the road was blocked off. A lot of emergency vehicles were all around. I was just asking questions. People were giving me conflicting reports but finally I got to the source, ” Albert Amara told RT.

“By that time the police were in full force and it was just confusion in the area at the moment and that’s when I turned my camera on and started recording,” he said.

“They confirmed that there were [multiple people] ... wounded ... at first they were reporting it was a gas explosion but finally they came on TV and said it was a bomb from a backpack,” Albert Amara added. “When I got there, they had taken the body out... the police were there in full force.”