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Militant group plotting terror attacks neutralized in Russia’s Dagestan, 4 police killed

Militant group plotting terror attacks neutralized in Russia’s Dagestan, 4 police killed
A major militant group that was reportedly planning terror attacks has been neutralized as a result of a two-day operation in Dagestan in the North Caucasus, according to Russia’s anti-terror committee.

At least nine militants, along with Gasan Abdullayev, the leader of a terror syndicate responsible for criminal activities inside and outside Dagestan, were detected and then neutralized by Russia’s special police forces, Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC) reported.

“Not far from the village of Yersi in the Tabasaran district, Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry forces have eliminated Gasan Abdullaev, also known as Abu-Yasir, the leader of a terror syndicate operating in the southern part of Dagestan. He managed separate groups of militants and bears responsibility for a whole series of deadly attacks,” the NAC statement says.

Four officers were killed during the shootout, while five others were injured and subsequently hospitalized, according to the committee.

“One Federal Security Service (FSB) officer and three policemen were killed during the gunfight and five special forces soldiers sustained injuries. Five hardened gunmen were neutralized thanks to their self-sacrifice,” the committee said.

Police investigators are continuing their search of the area, looking for other members of the militant group and their accomplices.

“The anti-terrorist operation regime declared in February hasn’t been cancelled, as a special-forces raid is still in progress. Special forces officers are combing the area looking for militants,” a source reported, according to RIA Novosti.

The raid has significantly reduced the number of terrorists belonging to the largest militant group in Dagestan’s southern region, the committee said.