Weeded out: Danish asylum center resident caught selling ton of marijuana

Weeded out: Danish asylum center resident caught selling ton of marijuana
A man was arrested for his one-ton weed-distribution operation, which he ran out of his home in Denmark’s largest asylum center. He was already facing prior charges and allegedly made it to Denmark on false papers.

According to the Danish agency Ritzau, the 26-year old was busted once before for selling cannabis illegally in Copenhagen’s weed-friendly Christiania district - the area known for being a legal grey zone pot-wise. That was in the middle of March. Now he’s facing a much more serious charge of selling 835kg of marijuana through the asylum center. The street value would be close to 15.5 million kroner ($2.3 million).

“This is a person we were looking for for a long time but couldn’t find him,” Copenhagen police spokesman Steffen Steffensen told the news agency, adding that the suspect has been in Denmark on fake papers.

Police believe part of the marijuana made its way onto Pusher Street in Christiania - about 100kg, and the rest went to Sweden.

The street, named so for obvious reasons, is home to many a weed dealer in the Danish capital. Although cannabis sales are illegal in Denmark, Christiania managed to garner a huge following both at home and internationally for being a little slice of marijuana paradise where police seldom ventured because of a more relaxed attitude in the past toward the area. But it’s still generating sales in excess of one billion kroner annually.