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28 Feb, 2016 20:12

Jude Law’s security team ‘ambushed, mugged’ by refugees in Calais ‘Jungle’ camp

Jude Law’s security team ‘ambushed, mugged’ by refugees in Calais ‘Jungle’ camp

After giving an inspiring performance at the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais, the British actor Jude Law was ready to go back home. He was one foot inside his team’s coach, when his security guards were reportedly attacked by asylum seekers.

Just as the film crew’s cameras were switched off, the stones came flying the security guards’ way. Calais migrants then proceeded to steal phones from the two of the minders, the Sunday People reported.

“We were shocked to see some of the migrants acting like football hooligans. The security team had stones thrown at them and two had phones smashed and stolen,” an unnamed witness told the newspaper.

Jude Law branded the camp “dangerous” after the incident, according to the newspaper.

Last week’s performance was aimed at drawing authorities’ attention to the fate of refugees. British celebrities, including Jude law, actor Toby Jones, singer Tom Odell, and playwright Tom Stoppard urged British authorities and Prime Minister David Cameron to resolve the issues regarding the demolition of the camp.

Along with Jude Law, celebrities comprised an open letter to David Cameron calling for the reunification of Calais refugee children with their relatives in the UK and urging British authorities to put pressure on France to halt the eviction of the “Jungle” camp.

“It’s our responsibility as humans to look after our children. The children at the camp in Calais need us. It isn’t a big ask. It is simply the right thing to do,” Law said last week.

The letter collected the signatures of thousands of people. More than 100 celebrities, including Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, Hollywood actress Helena Bonham Carter, and X-files’ “Dana Scully,” Gillian Anderson, signed the letter.

The performance took place at the makeshift Good Chance Theatre, which was built by British volunteers, and was organized by a group called Letters Live and Help Refugees charity. A number of migrants read out letters and shared their experiences with hundreds of others. Celebrities read out the most notable correspondences.

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Despite pleas by celebrities and refugees to stop the demolition, the southern part of the camp is expected to be soon dismantled. The eviction has been “carefully arranged and meets a real need,” Judge Valerie Quemener was quoted as saying by Monde after a ruling from a court in Lille demanded that refugees leave the camp. The judge’s verdict said that the demolition process will not affect places of social life, such as a mosque, schools, a library, and a youth center.

French authorities say that the eviction order applies to about 1,000 migrants. However, according to the Help Refugees, clearing the camp will affect the lives of more than 3,500 people, while France can only provide accommodation for about a third of them.

It is not known if the incident has swayed Mr. Law's enthusiasm for having the migrants as his new neighbors in the UK.