Drone festively 'paints' night sky

Drone festively 'paints' night sky
Santa Claus and his eight reindeer may want to look out for some artistic drones when they're flying around delivering gifts on December 25.

As a reminder that UAVs aren’t just for killing innocent Muslim children, a new video that’s gone viral shows one airborne machine transformed into a festive, twilight paintbrush.

Filmed by Ascending Technologies, the clip claims to be the world’s first drone painting using long exposure cameras.

With mapping software and a color-changing LED, the German company made its copter sketch out a string of glowing shapes.

Like Santa Claus and his reindeers...

...an electric-blue gift...

...and the all important Christmas tree.

Flying at a speed of two meters per second, it took around ten minutes to finish each picture.

The creators say even the animation of Santa Claus tossing presents into chimneys is based on their flow paintings.

Robert Grove, vice president of tech educational group PCS Edventures, predicted nearly 1 million drones will be purchased worldwide over Christmas.

The Federal Aviation Administration in the US just started registering hobby drones and expect 600,000 will be sold there next year.

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