Drones perform ‘Swan Lake’ with naked ballet dancers

Drones perform ‘Swan Lake’ with naked ballet dancers
Drones are quickly becoming a tool for commerce, but one Japanese company’s naked ambition to improve its ‘bottom’ line reveals an artistic side to the flying robots.

Backed by Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece Swan Lake, the video A Kind Drone shows a squadron of quadcopters strategically covering up two nude ballet dancers - whizzing and whirring to match every risqué pirouette.

Nearly 200,000 people have viewed the video in just three days since it was posted.

With all this beauty, you’d almost forget about the death and destruction drones bring to families in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Like it or not, drones are becoming ubiquitous, particularly in the US. Starting Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration opens registration for all hobby drones. Owners have until February 19 to sign up.

US skies will open to commercial drones next year when the FAA estimates more than 600,000 will be sold.