‘USA 2018': Russian World Cup installation in Kaliningrad gets suspicious makeover (PHOTO)

© golovin.ruslan
A 'Russia 2018' installation in Kaliningrad, one of the World Cup 2018’s host cities, has been defaced by Mother Nature – and now says 'USA 2018.' This, of course, can only mean nature is in cahoots with the Americans to take the cup away from Russia.

When the stunned city woke up on Sunday morning, crowds started taking photos to mark the US’s "soccer coup."

At first, one of the 'S' letters wouldn’t budge, so the display initially read 'USSA 2018.' Some presumed the extra 'S' stood for 'socialist,' in an indication that Bernie Sanders could be in the White House by the time of the next World Cup. That was before we got this:

У нас ураган. И вместо #russia2018 осталось #usa2018

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And with Western winds blowing so strong in social media, hardly anyone was interested in the remaining 'A 208.'

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Storm winds in this Westernmost Russian exclave have reached speeds of 25 to 30 meters a second, causing substantial damage to the roofs of five apartment blocks, as well as tearing down 40 trees and damaging at least five cars.

Local authorities report that around 15,000 people were affected by the calamity, which also brought about power outages in some areas.